How To Use


Sand It!

Sand down those bulky calouses. Keep skin smooth in order to avoid large flappers and deep cuts.

Slice It!

Warning: Razor blades are sharp, but that’s why we use them.
The first step to healing a deep skin laceration is prevention, take out your razor blade and cut any flaps off so that you don’t allow them to catch on anything and get deeper.

Glue It?

Warning: Super glue is not intended for use on skin, but sometimes its the only option.
Sometimes a cut is gnarly and deep, super glue can be used as a last ditch effort to give yourself a couple more goes before completing your session, then you can properly take care of your skin deformities once you are done.

And Once Your Session Is Complete...


Salve It!

Once your climbing session is complete make sure to wash your hands and apply some Climber Schmutz. As previously mentioned the best way to avoid a skin catastrophe is prevention. We as climbers dry our hands out excessively during a long session, especially if you use chalk with a drying agent. The best way to avoid annoying skin injuries is by letting your skin recover before it gets too thin and dry.